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Dr Mark Stibbe

Warm greetings, fellow writers. My name is Mark Stibbe and I'm lucky enough to be a full-time author and professional writer with over 50 books published, and 25 years of experience in writing and publishing. In my regular posts, I want to share my best secrets on how you can go from being a good writer to a great author.  With the enormous changes in publishing over the last fifteen years, the need for a site like this is more urgent than ever. My hope is that you find practical tips that will save you an awful lot of time and take you to the next level in your writing career. Happy writing!

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Exclusive New Book by Mark Stibbe

"The Hero" is a fascinating new book by Mark Stibbe, only available to those who subscribe to this blog site. "The Hero" is a simple, accessible and user-friendly introduction to the twelve stages of the Hero's Journey, one of the most powerful and even archetypal story structures. Mark describes each of these stages using examples from modern movies. Then he relates each to aspects of the life and character of the historical Jesus, showing how the Crucified Carpenter from Nazareth is the Ultimate Hero; not only does he embody in a classic way all the twelve stages; he does so in history, not in fiction, film or legend. As C.S. Lewis discovered, the story of Jesus is "myth become fact."



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